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I have been in Australia for over 10 months now. My trip has involved, seeing some breath taking scenery, experiencing 40 degree weather, nearly running out of money and learnings lots about myself.

I have written two sets of articles, the first set covers places you may want to visit. The second set of articles discusses ways in which you can travel Australia. I want other backpackers to learn from my mistakes rather than make the same mistakes as me.

You can find out more about me, at my About Me page.

New South Wales
South Australia


My favourite moments in Australia were visiting the Great Australian Bight Marine Park, feeding the kangaroos at the Philip Island zoo, seeing the waterfall at Katoomba and spending time in the Grampians. Back home I described myself as a city boy, none of my favourite Australian moments have been in cities.

Travel Australia How To Guides


These How To guides are not Australia specific but were both written after I made mistakes in Australia.

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