How To Quickly Rebuild Your Funds

I am currently working at a pub 2 hours inland of Mackay (a small city in Queensland). I am really enjoying my job and managing to save a lot of money.
I have low weekly essential costs. My accomodation is only $120 (£60) a week, which includes bills. The accomodation came with the job and is a lot cheaper than what I was paying in Melbourne and Sydney for hostel rooms. I can walk to work so I do not need to pay for transport. My accomodation has a washing machine so I do not need to go to launderettes and pay for their services.
The town is remote so we do not get lots of young Australians handing in there CV each day, which means I get a good quantity of hours. Also the hourly wage is high, $24 (£12). Plus on Saturdays you get $30 (£15) an hour, on Sundays it is $36 (£18) and on Public Holidays it is $48 (£24) an hour.
As the town is small and remote there is not a huge amount of things to spend your money on day to day. There are no nightclubs here. In Melbourne and Sydney you can very quickly spend your weekly wages. Rather than spending your money on random nights out I would rather save up for activities such as Ayers Rock and the Whitsundays.
I got my job through the agency called Job Club Brisbane. You may want to look on their website
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