Philip Island (Victoria)

The island is under a two hour drive from Melbourne. If you do not have a car then you can get the VLine train and coach service from Southern Cross station. You will not be able to see the whole island on foot but the Philip Island Wildlife Park is within walking distance of the bus stop.

The Philip Island Wildlife Park

The park was one of my favourite Australian memories. It is home to over 100 species of Australian animal. Kangaroos and Wallabies roam throughout the grounds in a free range environment, where you can hand feed and pat them. I would suggest that budget concious backpackers backpackers visit this Wildlife Park rather than Steve Irwins zoo, for adults Steve Irwins zoo is over three times the price. Part of the reason the Steve Irwin zoo is so expensive is because it features lots of animals from around the world. You will likely have a zoo in your own country which will offer you the same experience.

Visit Phillip Island Wildlife Park for more information on the park.

Koala Conservation Centre

The centre allows you to see Koalas in there natural habitat. The animals sleep for around 20 hours a day so do not expect to see lots of action. For adults the centre just costs $12.50.

Visit Koala Conservation Centre for more information on the centre.

Penguin Parade

You can see 100s of Penguins come onto the beach as the sun sets. My advice is get there early and sit at the front, the penguins are small so can be tricky to see if you are sitting far back.

Visit Phillip Island Nature Parks for more information on the Penguin Parade.


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