How To Organise A Ride Share

Ride sharing allows backpackers to save money and meet fellow backpackers. In this article I discuss some of the places you can advertise lift offers or requests.



You can post your lift requests or offers on the numerous Australian backpacker Facebook pages that exist. Here are just some of the pages you may want to look at:

All of Australia

Australia Work And Travel 2016

Travel Mates – Australia

Backpacker lifts (mitfahr) Australia

Backpacking Australia

Australia Backpackers 2016

Lift Australia Network Backpackers

Australia Rideshares for Backpackers

Australia Rideshare

Backpackers Life in Australia


HOBART – TAS Backpackers

Tasmania Network Backpackers

Tasmania Australia Backpacker / Traveler

Backpackers in Tasmania


Melbourne Backpacker

Melbourne Network Backpackers

Melbourne Travel Buddies

Backpackers in Melbourne, Australia!

MELBOURNE – VIC Backpackers

Travel Melbourne

St Kilda Backpackers

New South Wales

Sydney Network Backpackers

Sydney Backpacker

SYDNEY – NSW Backpackers

Byron Bay Backpackers Group

Byron Bay Backpackers & Travellers

Byron Bay Backpackers Traveller (not the same as link above)


Backpackers Brisbane

Brisbane Backpacker


BRISBANE – QLD Backpackers

Gold Coast Backpackers

Car share/ride share/carpool in Cairns

Cairns Network Backpackers

Cairns Backpacker

CAIRNS QLD Backpackers

Northern Territory

Alice Springs Network Backpackers

Darwin Backpacker

Darwin Network Backpackers 

DARWIN – NT Backpackers

Western Australia

Perth Backpacker

Perth Network Backpackers

RideShare Perth to

PERTH- WA Backpackers

Broome Australia Backpacker /Traveler

Broome Network Backpackers

South Australia

Adelaide Backpacker

Adelaide Network Backpackers

ADELAIDE – SA Backpackers


You can go to the Ride Share and Travel partners section on GumTree.

Click ‘Categories’

GumTree Home Page - Select 'Categories' width=

Select ‘Community’

GumTree Categories Page - 'Select Community'

Select ‘Ride Share & Travel Partners’

GumTree Community Page - Select 'Ride Share & Travel Partners'

You can refine your search, so GumTree only gives you results fromm particular locations

In this screenshot you can see a list of Australian states

In this screenshot you can see a list of places within Queensland

The Magic Bus

I found The Magic Bus via GumTree. The company is run by Jacob Nolan, himself and the other drivers take backpackers along the  South and West Coast of Australia. I went from Melbourne to Perth with himself and sixteen other backpackers.

The company focuses on the journey, rather than getting to point B. Throughout the journey you will visit numerous national parks and play lots of drinking games on the bus and at the campsites.
The Magic Bus Facebook Page  Screenshot


There are a range of websites dedicated to ride sharing such as:

Sceenshot of Coseats homepage. The website is dedicated to ride sharing.

Screenshot of Share Ur Ride homepage. The website is dedicated to ride sharing.


Screenshot of Need a Ride homepage. The website is dedicated to ride sharing.

Screenshot of Life Social home page. The website is dedicated to ride sharing.

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