How To Cook and Clean on Road Trips 

I went on a road trip from Melbourne to Perth, we went through numerous places including the Great Ocean Road, Grampians, Adelaide, Nullarbor Plains, Margaret River, Cape Le Grande and Valley of Giants. The Nullarbor Plains was an eye opening experience, it was so remote, the place highlighted some key differences between Australia and Europe. My favourite moments of the road trip were the days we spent in the  Great Australian Blight Marine Park and the Grampians.

In many ways it was nice to leave Melbourne and explore the remoter parts of this country. Although after a couple of weeks on the road it felt nice to have access to a bathroom and kitchen again. On the road trip, staying clean and cooking food sometimes proved quite challenging. We went to numerous free campsites and none had showers. Below is some advice on how to manage and resolve these challenges.



You are not allowed to take certain food over the different state borders. When we were near to state borders we would mainly buy processed and tinned food because there are few restrictions on these foods. Quarantine Domestic has detailed information about what you can take over the different borders.

We brought food for three days at a time and stored it in Esksys, the ice in the esksys would melt after two days. We would top up the ice after two days or just eat vegerterian food on the third day.

The Nullarbor Plains is a desert and thus water was an extremely scarce resource in that area. When water is a scarce resource you may want to consider avoiding foods like pasta and rice. On the third night in the Nullarbor Plains we had vegeterian tacos.

Forest fires are a very real threat in some parts of this country and in these areas you may be banned from making camp fires. A simple way of avoiding this problem is just using gas bottles and a stove.


Keeping Clean

You can access private shower facilities at some beaches and road houses. Some of the road houses will charge for the showers.

You can have sink washes in disabled toilets. Only use these facilities if you are in a very quiet area.

You can buy large packs of wet wipes and dry shampoo.

Your clothes are bound to get dirty while doing road trips. Prior to the trip you can stock up on cheap tshirts at shops like KMart and Target.

This is a very strange one, and I have listed this more for comical value. We went to a petrol station, we paid a few dollars for the pressure washer and then just started blasting each other with water.

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