Great Australian Bight Marine Park (SA)

My favourite moment in Australia was visiting the Great Australian Blight Marine Park. There was a phenomenal beach in the park. It went on as far as the eye could see and we had it all to ourselves. We could blast music and drink on the beach without feeling anti social. 

Minus a handful of communities with populations less than a 100, there is no civilisation within a hundred miles of this park. I can imagine the park will always feel spacious, regardless of the time of year. For people travelling between Adelaide and Perth, I highly recommend you visit the park. There are no entrance fees and you can camp for free.

Australia has 100’s of beachs which are great for sun bathing on. What made this beach stand out was the sand dunes. The sand dunes were great fun to walk and run over. It was a perfect location for photos and selfies.

The park is 918km from Adelaide, 1035km from Esperence and 1550 km from Perth. As the place is so remote you have to be completely sufficent in regards to food, water, fuel etc.

To get to the park you will have to cross the Nullarbor Plains. The road that goes through the Nullarbor Plains is called Eyre Highway, it is 1030 miles long. For people crossing the Plains I would suggest the following internary:

  • Day 1 – Wake up early and drive to the Great Australian Blight Marine Park . Camp there over night.
  • Day 2 – Spend a day exploring and enjoying the park.
  • Day 3 – Wake up early and finish driving across Eyre Highway.

As you cross Eyre Highway you will go through multiple time zones. If you are going from Adelaide to Perth, your day will be over 24 hours.