Melbourne (Victoria)

Exploring the Coast Line

Melbourne has mulitiple beaches, I found the beaches at Brighton, Hampton and Sandringham were quiter and cleaner than St Kilda Beach. To get to these beaches you need to catch a train on the Sandringham line.

There is a coastal path which runs parallel to all the beaches, its an ideal path for walkers and runners.

Sandringham (4).jpg


Christmas on St Kilda Beach

If you are spending Christmas in Melbourne you may want to visit this beach on Christmas Day. On Christmas Day 2015 there 100’s of people on the beach and it felt very festive. As it is Australian summer in December, you can party on the beach late into the evening.

Queen Victoria Market

This market is food focused, there is a big selection of meat, fish, fruit and vegetable there. The food prices are not much more than at supermarkets. Even budget conscious backpackers will be able to enjoy this market.

Eureka Sky Deck

The view from the Sky deck was brilliant, you got to see all the contrasting parts of Melbourne (CBD, the cities parks and coast) in one go. If you go just before sunset you get to see Melbourne in day and night mode.

I found the price of the SkyDeck reasonable but felt the Edge experience was a rip off. In my opinion it added very little to the experience plus it was frustrating how you could not take your camera in the Edge because of ‘safety concerns’. The $15 dollar photos the company sold of people on the Edge made me sceptical about the reasoning behind the camera ban.


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